Latest Find: ModCloth Hedgehog Tee

Here’s my latest find.

You're Looking Sharp Tee from ModCloth

You’re Looking Sharp Tee from ModCloth


I bought this shirt recently and although it’s a bit pricey I’m glad I got it. I like hedgehog cartoon drawings but I enjoy how this one is more realistic. It’s artsy! The color of the tee is trending too. I would say that the color is slightly deeper than in the picture.

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Price: $37.99

Estimated Shipping: $4.00

Total: $41.99



In Memory of Penelope Pickles

A Facebook famous hedgehog, Penelope Pickles, died today. She was affectionately known as Penny by her maman Marquis. The Hedgehogs Anonymous community was crushed, but Penny lived a long and amazing life. In honor of the most people-like hedgehog we all knew and loved we are ordering pizza tonight, Penny’s favorite food.

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Pop Culture Hogs: Memes!

First post about hedgies in popular culture! There isn’t one quintessential hedgehog meme, but there are some out there that I’ve seen multiple times. Like this one…

Hedgie Meme

Latest Find: Grey Hedgehog Scarf on Etsy

Here’s my latest find.

Hedgie Scarf by Futurerity2 on Etsy.

Hedgie Scarf by Futurerity2 on Etsy.


I want this scarf ! I would pair this with a simple blouse, dark jeans, and some cute neutral or black booties to really let the scarf shine. Added bonus, festive Halloween colors.

Price: $13.32

Shipping: $8.33

Total: $21.65

Hi, I’m Cashew

Cashew the Hedgehog

This is my little boy who I adopted this summer. He has grown so fast! He is my second hedgehog. My first, Rubi, I adopted when she was already full grown and done with her breeding days. Rubi passed on earlier this year. Cashew has beautiful coloring, apricot… he’s my little blondy. My fiance would argue that his full title is Captain Cashew. Thank god I talked him out of his first idea for Cashew’s name, Chalupa Batman.




Welcome to Quill and Paw

In recent years hedgehogs, and specifically African Pygmy Hedgehogs, have infiltrated popular culture. I see them everywhere: on clothing, toys, jewelry, cards, in cute cartoons on the internet. And they are popping up more and more.

I know hedgehog owners (hedgie mommies and daddies) love collecting all things hedgehog. This blog will center on my recent discoveries of hedgies in pop culture and hedgie items available for purchase. This list will be curated to feature only the cutest hedgie stuffs. I will include links in case you want to buy the adorable items yourself!

If you find some fun hedgie products, please contact me and I may feature them. Also included will be my personal journey with my hedgie boy Cashew and possibly some fun facts and philosophical thoughts. I hope you enjoy and share with your fellow hedgie lovers!




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